To face this digital age, society needs an entity that is specialized in the field, that is able to face the problems where everything happens, that is to say on the Internet. That entity is the Virtual Guardian Foundation (VGF).

Date: January 2018 to present
Organization: Virtual Guardian Foundation (VGF)
Role: Founding President

The Virtual Guardian Foundation is a Canadian registered charity whose mission is to be a beacon on the Internet for people in distress and to promote responsible digital use. (Number: 77501 0689 RR00001)

Digital Sentinels

I set up, and I'm part of, a team of practitioners who go around the digital spaces and act where no one else does.


There is no magic to our success. It is based on the fact that the Virtual Guardian Foundation has grown authentically by the community and for the community. It is our collective efforts that are saving lives today.

Conferences, Workshops & Training

We offer a wide variety of conferences and workshops tailored to your needs. The FGV is working on setting up a system of various online trainings to raise awareness among the general public.

Virtual Neighborhood House

A free service for prevention and awareness of various issues on the web in the form of a server on the digital platform Discord. This server, in addition to being a source of information and resources, is also a community of mutual aid and peer support made up of enthusiasts who want to make the Internet a healthier and safer place for everyone.

Free guide to suicide prevention

With the help of AQPS, I wrote the guide Contributing to Suicide Prevention in Online Communities, which offers useful tools for playing a role in the real world and virtual spaces.

Temporary initiatives

Since the FGV was designed to deal with the reality of technological and digital development, we are able to adapt quickly to meet the new challenges of society. This allows for the implementation of temporary initiatives with immediate and concrete results.