Who am I?

Entrepreneur and collaborative leader, I have founded a multitude of organizations, including the Quebec Electronic Sports Federation, the Virtual Guardians Foundation, UQAM Gaming and Boreal eSports.

Active in the field of electronic sports and online communities since 2002, my experiences, dedication and successes have earned me the status of being a recognized reference among my peers in Canada with regards to the electronic sports market, the online communities environment and the prevention of various issues present in the digital world.

Philanthropist by nature, I am leading many battles and files aiming at improving the life of not only gamers, but of the whole society.

The complete list of my numerous projects, causes that I care about, as well as my successes, can be found in the portfolio.

Since 2020, I’ve been reconnecting with the academic side of me, notably through a master’s degree in communication, with a focus on video games and gamification, and through participation in a multitude of scientific research projects.

Why Savard.Work?

Since 2015, I had been using the website Leonin.ca as both a personal and professional digital showcase. His French blog covered a wide range of topics, from video game news to updates on other projects unrelated to electronic sports.

Savard.Work, conceived in the fall of 2021, was born out of a desire to have a specialized platform that would allow me to vulgarize my knowledge and experiences in the field of electronic sports, in addition to advancing certain debates on video games in a scientifically rigorous manner. In order to make this site accessible to a maximum of people around the world, I decided to make it bilingual French-English.

Affiliations (Research)

Homo Ludens

Research group at Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)
Research laboratory in digital media and gamification

Association pour la Recherche et les Etudes Francophones sur l’Esport

Multidisciplinary network of French-speaking researchers on esport

Esports Research Network
Associate Member

Collaboration of various researchers fostering interdisciplinary research on the emerging phenomenon of esports.

Affiliations (Other)

  • Virtual Guardians Foundation: Board member (President)
  • UQAM Gaming: Board member (Coordinator)
  • Quebec Electronic Sports Federation: Member
  • Halternative Esports: Senior Advisor
  • Association québécoise de prévention du suicide: Citizen member