A return to school!

Date: August 2020 to present
Degree: Master’s degree in communication, concentration in video games (in progress)
Where: University of Quebec in Montreal
Link to the master’s degree: https://maitrise-communication.uqam.ca/jeux-video-et-ludification/

Program Description

Offered since 2013, the concentration in Video Games and Gamification in the Communication MA is dedicated to the study of video games, various forms of gaming, and gamification as a social phenomenon. Considered as a medium of communication, a site of socialization, and a vehicle for social messages and relationships, video games and gaming as a whole are reflections of who we are and also have effects on our individual and collective practices – which raises a multiplicity of issues that are explored through the various seminars.

More specifically, this concentration aims to enable students to understand and analyze the emergence and development of video games and various forms of gamification in their communicative, social, cultural and cognitive dimensions. For example, certain research axes address the dynamics and contemporary socio-cultural issues of gamification, the practices and norms within communities of gamers, the modalities of immersion and its effects on the gaming experience, etc.