Title: esports and business development consultant
Date: April 2018 to March 2020
Client: Montreal Esports Academy (then Canadian Esports Academy)

Prior to being hired as a project manager for “Reconnect!” in June 2019 (see portfolio), my relationship with the Montreal Esports Academy (AEM) was special. In addition to loving their vision, the founder of this project was Patrick Pigeon, one of my biggest partners in the electronic sports scene. Talking to Mr. Pigeon almost every day, I advised him and did my best to find solutions to the problems he gave me. This free consultation was available to all members of the AEM team. In addition, I provided them with the resources and tools that I had developed over the years and that were available in my store (see portfolio).

On my own time, I also took the initiative to contact the administration of Édouard-Montpetit high school as a former student. I was in their sports-study water polo. During this meeting, I succeeded in convincing and reassuring the management on the relevance of having electronic sports. I then put them in direct contact with the AEM. Similar scenario with the Collège Reine-Marie, that I contacted with Leonin.ca as a consultant and that I convinced to get into electronic sports.

The two electronic sports concentrations in Montreal were the foundation that allowed the AEM to expand to other regions and eventually become the Canada Esports Academy.