Date: Fall 2016 to Fall 2018
Client : Meltdown Montreal
Type : Consulting and Execution

Extremely varied tasks ranging from operational to strategic. I will stick here only to the “event coordinator” aspect, where I organized and facilitated over 200 activities.

Annual events
– Anniversaries of Quebec organizations (Multijoueur, Girls on Games, etc.)
– Video game launches (Far Cry, indies games, etc.)
– Viewing parties (Worlds, International, showmatches, etc.)
– Festivals (Montréal Joue, MEGA, etc.)
– Afterparties (Montreal Comiccon, DreamHack Montreal, Otakuthon, R6 Invitationals, etc.)
– Citizen Bar (Star Citizen related events)
– Official points tournaments (Heathstone, Clash royale, etc.)

Monthly events
– Crafting days (cosplay)
– Workshops and networking activities (Gang of Devs, video game industry, etc.)
– Community events (Gaymers Montreal, Boréal Mobile, etc.)

Weekly events
– Friendly tournaments for multiple games
– Theme nights