The LAN Boreal, formerly the LAN du Clan Bros, was a unique biennial event in Quebec organized by Boreal eSports. By the way, when Boreal eSports closed, some staff members took over and they continued to operate it under a new name, LAN JDL. but still with the same mentality and community concept.  <3

A community event, its first goal was to allow Boreal members to be like each other and have fun together. The choice to always do on the south shore of Quebec City, which is geographically central in the province, allowed the maximum number of people to participate. What made the LAN Boreal different was that there was no prize money. The organized tournaments were played for fun and the teams were made directly at the LAN to be as balanced as possible. Sponsorships, when available, were used to provide prizes for participation. In addition, we always held the LANs on Thanksgiving, then eventually on Thanksgiving (October) and Patriots’ Day weekend (May), because those were long weekends.

There were seven LANs in total.

Lan BROS 2012 (October)

The very first edition!

Lan BROS 2013 (October)

We were already out of the scene! Other pictures are available here : link.

LAN Boreal Gaming, Spring 2014 Edition (May)

Following the great success of the LAN in the fall, we decided to organize two events per year. The name transition from “Clan Bros” to “Boreal Gaming” was underway. Pictures : link.

LAN Boreal, Fall 2014 Edition (October)

First LAN since the fusion with Armata Gaming, the room was full! More pictures are available here : lien.

LAN Boreal, Spring 2015 Edition (May)

Have fun! Pictures : link.

LAN Boreal, Fall 2015 Edition (October)

In this edition, we had a live broadcast on Twitch.

LAN Boreal, Spring 2016 Edition (May)

The Boreal LAN, Spring 2016, was the last LAN officially organized by Boreal eSports. It was towards the end of the organization, and we had already officially closed our competitive teams and community. For this special edition, which was open to everyone, we decided to try to add “real” tournaments, which were run by one of our partners, in addition to the usual friendly tournaments and activities.