Organization of multiple networking events related to electronic sports

Special Event: Flambeau VII (June 2017)

“The Flambeau is an event aimed at bringing together all the players in the video game industry in Quebec City. It is with great pleasure that the bearer of this seventh edition, François Savard, Vice President of the Quebec Federation of electronic sports invites you to come and celebrate at Meltdown Quebec on June 2 from 5:00 pm! While keeping the usual festive atmosphere of the previous evenings, a series of esports activities will be proposed to the participants. In particular, an Overwatch tournament with live commentary by local casters!”

Regular evenings :

January 2017Événement Facebook
April 2017 – Événement Facebook
August 2018 – Événement Facebook


Being a small world where everyone knows each other, the electronic sports industry can seem closed and intimidating to newcomers.

To help foster communication with the new generation, I decided to take matters into my own hands and offer an opportunity for exchange via networking evenings.

Two were in Montreal, and two were in Quebec City.

Many great projects were born from these gatherings,


There was no entry fee to participate in the events.

Open mic

Everyone was encouraged to reserve the microphone in advance for a 5-minute presentation.


Sometimes there were even participation gifts!