After the LPQ clan (around 2008), I changed several times games (COD2, BF2, WOW). Not being able to buy a new PC, I ended up buying an Xbox 360. Gaming was then very far from my priorities, which made me completely drop out of the Quebec communities. It wasn’t until my 2nd year at the Collège militaire royal de Saint-Jean in the fall of 2010 that I started to take a more active interest in gaming again when my brother Pawpawz suggested I start a new clan to compete. The scene had changed dramatically in two years. It took several months before I had a good PC again, so I took the opportunity to create the foundations of an organization, named the Bros Clan, which would eventually become, after a rebranding, Boreal Gaming, one of the founding members of Boreal eSports.

Role: Founder & administrator

Tasks (non exhaustive list)
– Administration of the organization
– Management of over 300 French-speaking recreational players (North America)
– Management of competitive teams
– Organize weekly and annual activities such as LANs, paintball weekends, etc.
– Webmaster

November 2010 to February 2014

The clantag [BROS] was the tag my brother and I used when we played Call of Duty on the Internet, but in split screen via his living room. The Bros Clan was a big family that supported each other and where I organized many activities in person: sugar shack, paintball, cabins, LAN Party, etc. Although fun was the priority, we obviously had teams that competed. Although I participated in several leagues, I quickly had to come to terms with the fact that I was much better as a manager. Thus, Clan Bros grew bigger and bigger. The picture was taken at LAN ETS 2013.

February 2014 to August 2014

The more we grew, the more the need to change our name became apparent. For more than six months, we quietly prepared our identity change. In order to stand out and be on par with established organizations such as Armata Gaming and Team Killing Spree, we needed to make the biggest splash possible. We chose yellow as a continuity with the Clan Bros. and because red, green and blue were already taken. Our jerseys were designed to be hard to miss. Instead of concentrating all of our players and teams in one section of the room, as organizations typically do, we purposely scattered our teams in small islands all over the two floors of LAN ETS 2014. No matter what angle you looked at, it was possible to see one of the 40 or so jerseys we had ordered. We had players in almost every tournament, including console tournaments where we were among the best. In addition, members of our recreational community were there too, with their jerseys, to participate in the activities, make noise, and encourage our teams. The wave was a tsunami. A connection was made with Armata Gaming, which led to a merger of the two entities.