This portfolio page includes mainly the ``corpo`` branch of Boreal eSports.


– Organization and administration
Boreal was born from a fusion of entities operating in totally different ways. Creating an efficient and flexible symbiosis was one of my first tasks.

– Strategic planning
Having a goal is a good thing, but it is essential to have a well thought out plan.

– Community Manager
Every game has its own social media of choice, and each social media outlet has its unique characteristics. Not knowing them and how they work within communities can be extremely negative for an organization.

– Document Design
From recruitment forms to quarterly reports, I designed most of the documents used in Boreal.

– Human Resources Manager
The structure of Boreal eSports required a large number of employees. One of my tasks was to find, recruit, train and supervise the staff, which averaged 80 members.

– Planning and implementing events of all sizes.
From a small LAN of 100 people to a Gaming Expo of 3,000, I was active at every possible level of an event.

– Building lasting partnerships with other organizations.
Cooperation is the key, and with good negotiation, it is rarely impossible not to find common ground so that all parties are satisfied.

– Direct or indirect involvement in over 80% of gaming and esports activities in Quebec. [Name a gaming activity in Quebec during these years and I will gladly tell you what I did there].

Date: August 2014 to 2017
What: Organization
Role: Co-founder & administrator


Boreal eSports was a Canadian gaming organization operating at all levels, from recreational to professional. Involved in a multitude of large-scale projects, we have successfully strived every day to contribute to the development of the Canadian electronic sports scene.


Boreal eSports has distinguished itself as the largest electronic sports organization in Canada due to the great performance of its teams in North America, but also in Europe and Japan. Our efforts have focused on developing local talent and sponsoring semi-professional North American teams to provide them with the resources and experience necessary to improve their skills and eventually reach the professional scene.


We have founded and managed a few communities. Boreal Gaming, our private community, had a total of over 2,500 different French-speaking players playing under our banner. Le Hub du Gaming, ESO Qc and MMO Qc, are public communities that we have managed.


This branch of our organization included all the other projects we had, from fighting the exclusion of Quebec residents to producing events like our LANs. We were dedicated to helping promote electronic sports by organizing seminars, conducting information activities, etc. Basically, we were directly or indirectly involved in more than 80% of the activities taking place in the electronic sports and gaming scene in the province of Quebec.