The crossroads of video games!

Date: Summer 2014 to summer 2023*
What: Facebook group networks
Role: Founder & Administrator

*The Gaming Hub is no longer run as tightly as in its early years. Now the groups are autonomous.

Since 2014, the Gaming Hub has been providing French-speaking gamers in North America with the means to interact with each other easily and efficiently while keeping them informed about what’s happening in Quebec on the gaming and esports scene.

The Gaming Hub community was created in 2014 by Boreal Gaming, predecessor of Boreal eSports, to address several communication issues in the Quebec scene. First, it didn’t have a platform centralizing the activities taking place in French, so it was difficult for a neophyte to find information about what was going on. Second, the Facebook groups in Quebec were extremely disparate. On the one hand, there were those that were managed in an outstanding way by quality administrators while on the other hand, which was unfortunately the most frequent, groups were left to their own devices, their administrators abused their powers or they were only big because they were the first to be created and not for the quality of it.

Over the years, the network had more than 65,000 (unique) active members in all its groups.


It doesn't matter if you prefer MOBAs, FPSs, RTSs or solo games, the important thing is to have fun and share the same interest; video games.

For the passion

The Gaming Hub is run 100% by passionate volunteers who do their best to keep the environment of the groups healthy and friendly.

Open to everyone

The Hub is a huge public community open to all French speakers without discrimination regarding gender, language, ethnicity, etc. We're all here to play. 🙂

Finding the right group

Although we have archived a large part of our groups, our network still includes a good part of the most popular video game Facebook groups in Quebec. `{`Note that the groups are now managed in a semi-independent way`}`.


We have a zero tolerance policy towards all forms of harassment and illegal activities.


With over 65,000 (unique) active members in all of our groups over the years, you are sure to find someone to accompany you in your games!