Event: Sherbrooke Gaming Expo
Date: September 12 and 13, 2015
Link: https://www.facebook.com/GamingExpoSherbrooke

Event Description:
“The Sherbrooke Gaming Expo is an open window on innovation and immersion in the gaming universe. We welcome the different spheres of the industry to reach all types of gamers, from the casual gamer to the most hardened veteran! The GES is a family event whose objective is to demonstrate that gaming transcends generations in Quebec. After all, who hasn’t held a gamepad, played a tabletop game, a card game, a role-playing game or a computer game? A LAN party, including tournaments, will occupy a section of the hall and many activities will be offered to the public. The room is divided into four sections, each offering a specific experience (Performance – Retro – Discovery – Fun). We hope to introduce the general public to new gaming technologies, products from independent developers, electronic sports, retro gaming and cosplay.”

Since the event was done by Boreal eSports, I was part of almost every step related to the design of the event, which had almost 3000 visitors. Nevertheless, my main tasks during the event were related to the management of the volunteers.