Date: February 2016 to present
Organization: Quebec Electronic Sports Federation

July 2019 to present: Founding member of the board of directors
February 2016 to July 2019: Vice president and founding board member

Specific Roles 
– Project manager for the Quebec exclusion file (2016/02 to present)
– Project manager for the FQSE’s recognition by the government (2016/02 to present)
– Interim General Manager (2018/12 to 2019/05)

Founded in February 2016 and officially launched in July of the same year, the mission of the Quebec Federation of Electronic Sports (FQSE) is to ensure synergy between its members and partners in order to foster the development and growth of the athlete while promoting the healthy and responsible practice of electronic sports in Quebec.

Since everything had to be done, here is a general list of tasks and things accomplished:

Creation of administrative documents

Bylaws, regulations, policies, protocols, forms, etc.

Creation, management and organization of organizational tools

Website, social media, Discord server, Google Drive, email accounts, etc.

Activities to promote electronic sports and the FQSE

Conferences, meetings, workshops, networking, interviews, etc.

Support for the development of the student sector

Student clubs, electronic sports programs (e.g. CFPR), organization of tournaments and showmatches, Cyber League Espoirs, LCSE, LSSE, etc.

Support for the development of the public sector

Free consultations, committee management, referencing, promotion assistance, etc.

Promotion and defense of Quebec players

Exclusion issue, help against dishonest practices, recommendations, development of new resources, etc.